Mistrusting Merlot
The light gazes in from the window as the lurking eyes of a stranger, she peers curiously at the shadows it makes on the crimson carpet. She waits anxiously with furry elevating under the cooling over all sadness building within her chest, her entire being pounds. Bum-bum bum-bum. She licks her upper lip and tastes the faint flavor of fluoride from her dentist appointment from earlier in the day then washes it away with a sip of Merlot; she is nearing the end of the bottle she opened an hour ago when she found the betrayal. The garage door opens with a boom the noise nearly rips apart the women’s tightly woven wheel of anger. Moments later her husband, the stranger, enters; he appears around the corner and his eyes trail to her hands the left the empty bottle and as if pushed with force his eyes screen over to the right and with that it seemed to be a demand of gravity as his expression and briefcase went hurling towards the fiber bundles beneath his soles.

A Changing World
I lay there breathless letting it all collect within my pours.
Each individual thick blade of grass that pressed against the bumps of my spine,
that deep black, yet crimson lady bug as it glided down my wrist as it explores.
I push forward to see how much space I can engulf within the shadows of the cowering pine.
I spread my fingers like the roots of the admired
I curl the tips of my toes clinging tightly to the simple but tangible need
as if with time it will all fade away, be ridden, and expire
I grasp tighter as the thoughts grow deeper and I feel it all begin to recede
I pant quickly in and out trying to calm my nerves
the over whelming dread that it will all one day be forgotten and slowly disappear
I squeeze deeper makes certain it leave the imprints of the purpose that it serves
never wanting to be left alone dimly light with fear
I release the clenches and once again fill with brilliant inspiration
no thanks to our unruly inhumane nation.

Spring sensation
Due bubbles on the petals,
as morning light glistens down,
a butterfly lands.

Stormy Night
The rolling winds break,
strings of lightning drizzle down,
the power flickers.

Ice trickles downward
as the winds blow softly west
the first snow this year.