The Second Burial of Felix Longoria
It was starting to be quite apparent that America was full of prejudice white citizens, which left no room for those of the Mexican decent. Signs posted on stores windows declaring NO MEXICANS were privileged to infiltrate their businesses, as well as the schools were segregated and the Tejano children were coerced into attending schools away from the children of white decent. For a plethora of years the two ethnicities set their differences aside and were willing to burry there passed over family members in the same cemetery. However after some time this “togetherness” began to create tension and lead to the white community feeling uncomfortable and disquieted. Soon there was a new area set apart for the Mexican Americas to lay their loved one in peace. Flex Longoria a member of the U.S. army, as well as his family, personally witnessed this belittlement and prejudice all threw out life but most prominently when attempting to burry Flex.

In America we strive to teach that to be fair is to do good, we are all children of one god and by the most intimate ties we are related thus resulting in equality and no person is better than any other. However it seems as though many of times we have ignored what was right and acted on gut feelings and the fear of changed and differences. I believe it is sickening to know that our Nation has treated so many ethnicities with such cruelty along the way.