Each step forward we take comes with an opportunity a simple cross roads with choices and consequences none of us could ever expect. Some choose to take the back roads the peaceful at ease journey that never calls for conflict nor adventure. Yet some, the temerarious few, choose to push past the underbrush and face inevitable choices and outcomes straight forward, each steering there life in the direction that they choose. Sometimes these choices lead us to face our fears or comprehend lessons well beyond our years, but we must endure these choices for the chance of redemption and the opportunity to choose again.
Once or twice over the years I have chanced my fate at the gamble of life rolled the dice and occasionally the outcome is positive full of affirmative turn outs and luscious rewards. However from time to time as life tends to have it I have floundered and faced consequences no one wishes to endure or had experiences we each wish to avoid. This past summer one of my dearest friends, Daniel, was quite sick and was in remission for his leukemia, a disease he had battled with for going on four years. The illness struck him bedridden and in a comma for nearly two weeks his family was then forced to make the unbearable decision of ending it and letting him float away in the peace of the angels.
Though this decision was not mine to make I did have choices that did affect his life, sickness and the lump in the stomach when the decision of death come into play. While he was sick I rarely chose to visit him or take the time to see how he was doing due to the fact my own fears overruled in importance. It was these choices that caused our friendship to falter in the ending months, we always knew how one another felt and I know he understood why I stayed away but in my heart I will always endure the consequences that came with these decisions. Each day I know realize that I didn’t spend all the time I could have with this young man or embraced the memories we might have made. However guilty or ashamed I might be I have also learned lessons I never expected along the way. I see now nothing is forever and you must take the time to whiteness the little thing, the single rays of hope that pass through our everyday because we never know when their light or our own will be put out forever.