There are three basic forms of writing each are portrayed in different styles and are used to accomplish and gain different effects. Logos is the first style of these three basic writing types. This personal style of writing appeals to ones sense of logic or reason. This nature of literature and writing is more of an argument and debate to show your, product, opinion, and voice is the best in every way. You learn that you must start by deductive reasoning then generalize it to the point it is capable of being applied to each specific area of your case. The most important ally to Logos would be evidence without evidence you have nothing.

The second of the three forms of writing is Ethos, that being the style that pertains to credibility and reliability. In this form of writing you need to prove you have good character and integrity as an author. By citing your information or showing you share common ground with your reader you are likely to gain their trust. By sharing your values and beliefs as well as all the pervious personal experiences you have obtained with the individual case will show the readers you truly care for what you are talking about and in turn they will gain respect for you writing.

Pathos is the most delicate of all the three types of writing it truly pulls at the heart strings of the individuals and shows them what your cause is and why they too should be supportive. This is due to the fact that pathos is designed to appeal to the needs, values and emotions of the audience. This style of writing gives a human face to statistics and a beating heart to the story itself. However important pathos maybe to the writing field you need to make sure you don’t over use this brand of writing since it occasionally tends to pull away from your actual point and distract the reader from what you actually want them to hear.