As soon as we are capable of placing full sentences together and walking on our own two feet all females begin to day dream of the perfect house, wedding, family and life. We each spend long hours playing make believe mommy’s and in some cases daddy’s cooking dinner and tucking our baby dolls into bed over and over again in our top of the line Fisher Price houses. As we grow up and become too old for make believe the ideas still never seem to fade over the years and when asked we each could go on for hours about that slimming white dress and long stemmed roses we expect or the lilac walls and hard wood floor we dream of one day owning. As I sit here the emotions, dreams, and wishes all seem to flood back to me and the wants of my future fall nicely into place.
I imagine myself in a middle class home one where if your home alone you’re not clenched to the phone and a butcher knife in fear someone will break into your luscious home in the hopes that they might have a chance at your extravagant positions. Nor do I want a home placing you in the same position of knife and phone due to the fear of a drive bys or other miss fortunate events. Within the exterior of my home I hope to have a yard full of wild flowers and towering trees made for swinging, apples and tree houses. There should be a wide porch, a place to sit and watch as your family grows older and closer day by day while sipping lemonade. The outside of my home should represent the inside to all whom pass by showing them the beauty, love and enjoyment that lay within its walls.
Within the frame of my home I wish for hard wood floors for socks to slip across in the early mornings and crisp paint on the walls keeping the imagination and dreams alert well into the evenings. I hope for painting by Kandinsky to line the walls and open doors to the ideals of creativity and boldness for all whom inhibit my house. The one thing I hope more than anything to acquire within its walls would be love. To have a home of love makes up and for any lack of technology or the inevitable stains on the carpet, walls or ceiling. To know you live in a place of love makes ever moment sweeter and each memory that is composed inside more wonderful and breath taking to behold. The hopes and dreams I have for that targetable part my dreams house are exact yet changeable but the overall feeling inside the hope of love is everlasting and a wish that will never fade or be altered with time.