College Essay
topic #10

Aesop, an ancient Greek slave, once said, "No act of kindness, no matter how small, is ever wasted." As I sit here and reflect upon my sojourn within the International Order of Job’s Daughters I embrace each grain of truth that compiles this notion. Nearly seven years ago I plunged into the journey of a life time described by my mother as “two meetings a month.” She made it sound simple, quick, and painless but it was those fine details that lingered behind these brief four words that changed my life for the better.
From the first of those “two meetings a month,” I came to realize I was a part of something much bigger than I had ever expected and it was not just about two days a month but every day of the rest of my life. I learned lessons well beyond my years and regularly practiced the ideals of friendship, honor, truth, charity and love. It is thanks to the quality of love I was able to embrace each of the other principles with a warming spirit and a willing mind, for love is the perpetual melody of every human heart and the underlining of each act of kindness.
The organization helped me step out of my comfort zone and not only focus upon academics but also upon those things that make for a better and happier world. I got deeply involved with charity and taking the extra effort to help others in my everyday life. I participated in countless events, collections, and other activities ranging from cleaning cemeteries and building to tying blankets for premature babies and singing to the elderly. Each of these small acts of kindness always left me with memories and an acute silver lining around my heart but it wasn’t until this past summer when I finally realized why I continue to do it.
Not only has my involvement given me an unstoppable spirit to better myself and my surroundings but it also has blessed me with countless friends who also strive for a better world. Along the way I met a wonderful boy named Danny. He too was earnestly involved with charity and rose higher than anyone I know in the attempt of bettering our community. Three years ago he was struck by adversity and had developed a severe case of leukemia. Under his unfaltering force and command a plethora of blood drives were held and hundreds of dollars were collected in the hopes of saving himself and preserving the lives of other. Though Danny didn’t make it, he spent his final moments still reaching out and trying to help others before himself, never did he give up or ask for the sympathy of others.
For a long time I didn’t understand, and I felt that all the work was done for nothing. But at last I came to see that though my efforts were directed towards the well being of my friend the kindness did not stop at him but touched the souls of others and not one moment of the fight was wasted. Each day I move forth and continue with my contributions despite knowing I can’t save everyone or change the world all by myself. It has been said, “A journey of a thousand miles begins with one single step,” and though I might not know exactly where my strides are taking me nor whom I will effect along my way, I know in the long run my journey will never be a waste nor the acts of kindness be forgotten.